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training through inspiration not deprivation

Pooch Partners has always used positive training methods and we are excited to incorporate concept training to our repertoire!  How does concept training work? It is really quite simple…and a whole lot of fun!  Using games and positive reinforcement we teach your dog concepts such as confidence, calmness, focus and impulse control, which empowers them with the ability to respond appropriately to real life situations. Many of the games also provide your dog with fitness benefits too which is another bonus!  Concept training works with all dogs of any ages and can turn any struggle you may be experiencing with your dog into a success!

So what are you waiting for? Check out our services and come join us for an amazingly fun dog training experience!!

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Our Services

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Dogs, like humans, need to start off easy and gradually increase their physical activity over time, and this is particularly important if you have a young or senior dog, and we always keep that in mind at our fitness sessions! In  addition to getting your daily exercise, our sessions also incorporate obedience practice so your pooch will be mentally stimulated too!

You and your dog will absolutely love training by playing games that teach your dog the essential concepts that foster a strong relationship that will help you both live a happy life together!  Concept training through games can also help dogs dealing with problem behaviours in a way that encourages positive changes!

Weight pulling is resistance training for your dog.  Unlike running loose in the dog park, or going for an hour walk, weight pulling is a muscular workout and your pooch will experience a different type of tiredness, just as you would if starting a new fitness program for yourself.  It is an incredible year round activity that benefits all dogs and can be particularly helpful to those breeds prone to hip dysplasia as it can help build and maintain muscles to support the hip joints. Weight pulling has the additional benefit of being a great confidence builder and also helps socialize your dog to learn to work with other dogs close by without interfering with them.

Our personal training sessions are a great deal, particularly when you incorporate your pooch’s fitness plan and perhaps some obedience, there is no one else to go to for this type of service except Pooch Partners!  Certified and experienced as both a personal training specialist & professional dog trainer, our private session rates cannot be beat! Don’t have a dog and just need our personal training services? No problem, same rates apply and you can rest assured that the program created for you will be personalized to meet your goals and your lifestyle!

We offer testing for the Responsible Dog Owners of Canada’s (RDOC) Canadian Canine Good Citizen certification as well as the CKC’s Canine Good Neighbour (CGN). The tests are composed of a variety of different requirements including:

  • Accepting a friendly stranger
  • Politely/patiently accepts petting
  • Appearance and grooming
  • Out for a walk
  • Walking through a crowd
  • Commands: Sit, down, stay, come (CKC splits these into 2 items)
  • Praise/Interactions
  • Reaction to passing dogs
  • Reaction to distractions
  • Supervised isolation
  • Walking through a door/gate (CKC test only)

Testing is only offered if enough registrants, so be sure to watch our Facebook page for any upcoming dates!

Canicross is a great year-round activity you can enjoy with your dog for walking, Nordic walking, hiking, running or snowshoeing! Plus if you are a cyclist, cross-country skier or want to get into kick sledding, consider canicross as dry land training for both you & your pooch to ensure you are both fit enough and trained in the necessary commands to enjoy your desired activities.

Once you have completed training sessions it is all about getting out and practicing with your dog until you are confident they have learned all of the necessary cues, before you proceed to skijoring, bikejoring or kick sledding. Pooch Partners does not believe it is safe to offer direct training to skijoring, bikejoring or kick sledding as you have less control of your dog and they do not know any of the necessary cues, so canicross is our recommended prerequisite before you attempt the other sports with your dog on your own.

Give your canine companion a chance to try agility just for fun and without a huge time and cost commitment. Pooch Partners’ Intro to Agility for Fun & Fitness is offered in the spring of each year and is the perfect way for you and your pooch to learn some dog agility to have some fun and challenge your pooch! This is a great way to give the sport a try to find out if maybe it is something you and your dog want to go further in and even compete.

It won’t even feel like exercise when you and your pooch enjoy the great outdoors with other responsible dog guardians and their canine companions for our weekly hike or snowshoe!  Early morning weekend outings at local Provincial Parts, an occasional urban hike plus our special Apple Blossom and Pumpkin Patch hikes at Davison Orchard  are always a fun way to stay active with your pooch!

You dog’s most prized sense is their sense of smell and scent detection will put their sniffer to the ultimate test! Dogs of all breeds, ages and sizes can be successful when it comes to searching and detecting a scent. Blind and deaf dogs can do scent work, and it is also great for reactive dogs as it helps build focus and confidence!

If you are looking to challenge your dog mentally, while improving obedience, strengthening your bond and having fun all at the same time, then trick training is for you! From basic tricks such as high fives and play dead, to cleaning up their toys, your pooch can learn pretty much any trick you want to train them to do! Plus with our positive training methods learning is fun for you and your pooch! Watch for upcoming training opportunities on our  Facebook page!

Pooch Partners hosts an annual non-competitive Doggie Duathlon on the second Sunday in August at Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park.  Like us on Facebook to stay up to date on registration!

Tired dog = happy dog = happy you! We can help make it happen!

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Concept Training

Games, games and more games! We play games that teach our dogs the essential concepts to live a happy life, things like calmness, confidence, optimism, grit, tolerance to frustration and impulse control.

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Year-round early morning fitness sessions that incorporate obedience practice will help keep you and your pooch active and fit! Plus we offer indoor dog fitness sessions that you should check out too!

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Behaviour Mod

Shy, fearful dog? There’s a game for that!  Noise sensitive dog? There’s a game for that!  Aggressive dog? There’s a game for that!  In fact there are hundreds of games that can help to resolve any behavioural problem.

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See What Clients Say

“Cooper has greatly improved after our sessions with Pooch Partners. I have seen a complete change in Coopers obedience from the first to last class. A big thanks to Shelly. I would certainly recommend Pooch Partners.”

Steph Fox

“I have done lots of various types of dog training (obedience, tracking, and agility), but have often wondered about Canicross training. Was it gimicky, or worth the money. Well, absolutely it was worth it! My only regret is not trying it sooner. What a wonderful connection with your dog! I have never had so much fun walking my dogs! Giving them verbal cues and having my arms free! It was a whole new freeing experience. And Shelly was wonderful! She was insightful, and would offer suggestions as we walked. She was just so much fun to walk with and be around. Just wish I lived a lot closer to take more classes from her!”

Lori Pratley

“After searching for a reputable trainer for my dog and after talking with several I am so glad I went with Shelly from pooch partners. She was kind and patient with my Lilly and also with me. Lilly loved her and she made it a fun experience for Lilly and I. I would recommend Shelly from pooch partners for any person who wants to make a positive change in their dogs life.”

Shauna Comazzetto

“With a whole lot of dogs of various ages, breeds and needs its nice to have choices to take them to have fun and learn new skills and get some exercise as well. I know we all enjoy our time with Shelly and my 12 year old grandson Carter especially loves to come along and spend some doggy and gramma time at fun agility,pack walks and weight pull. I highly recommend it and so do my pooches.”

Karen Cooper