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Challenge 1 – Push Ups & Down Cue

By admin in Challenges on September 15, 2014 - No Comments

challenge Challenge 1, should you choose to accept it, is 2 fold; choose to do both, or just one of the challenges. Even if you have never done a full push up before, you can still participate in the first challenge and see what you can accomplish in the next 10 days! Your pooch needs to know how to do a down and this challenge will help to work on duration in the down. Check out our obedience training if you pooch needs some help in learning the basics!

To participate in this challenge, simply post an update to our Facebook page indicating which challenge you are working towards, with photos or a link to your video of you and your pooch completing the challenge!

Push ups are a fantastic exercise for a few reasons:

  • you don’t need any equipment so you can do them anywhere, anytime
  • in addition to your chest muscles (pectoralis), your shoulders (deltoids), triceps, abdominal muscles and, if you squeeze everything tight, you can work your glutes too!
  • by adjusting your hand position you can work out different muscles – for this challenge, do classic push ups with hands wider than shoulders.
  1. Part A: Complete 50 push-ups non-stop while your pooch demonstrates his/her down cue beside you. If you cannot do a floor push up, adjust this challenge to your fitness level! If you are just starting out, do push ups against the wall; when you can complete 50, start working your way towards the floor – use a secure counter to do your next set of 50; from there go lower, such as a stair. Finally when your hands are on the ground, start with your knees on the floor as well. Once you have conquered 50 push ups from the kneeling position, lift your knees up and go for the full push up and see how many you can complete! No matter what your fitness level, everyone can do this challenge and improve over the next 10 days!

  3. Part B: Challenge yourself to complete 1000 push ups over the next 10 days. Whether you choose to do 10 sets of 10 through out the day for 10 consecutive days or 10 sets of 20 every other day – it is completely up to you! During each workout session your dog should remain in the down position. Remember to set yourself & your pooch up for success!

Push Ups - muscles used
Some tips to remember:

  • Inhale as you are going down (the easier part of the movement)
  • Exhale as you are going up (the harder part of the movement)
  • Grip the ground with fingers spread.
  • Squeeze your glutes
  • Keep your spine neutral – don’t look forward, keep your face pointing down and your eyes looking only a few inches ahead of you.
  • Keep your feet together.
  • Keep your core engaged, don’t let your belly sag or your butt point up in the air — think of a solid plank of wood to keep you in alignment.

Good Luck — cannot wait to see your postings on progress!

  • admin - September 15, 2014