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Challenge 3 – Stretching & Mix of Cues

By admin in Challenges on November 1, 2014 - No Comments

Stretching is an often overlooked, but vitally important part of every workout, so this month our challenge involves stretching for humans and a mix of whatever cues your dog knows! Select one or two stretches that you want to improve upon and after a daily walk or run which your pooch (this will serve as your warm up), while you practice holding a stretch for your goal time ask you pooch for a cue that they know (sit, down, stretch, etc) and have them remain in that position until you ask for another cue or release them.

Qilaq & Sesi practice their stretch cue while Shelly stretches in downward dog There are many benefits to including stretching as a part of your daily exercise routine. A regular stretching program can help minimize the muscle tightening and decreased range of motion that happens as we age. As well, stretching increases one’s flexibility, improves circulation and reduces muscle tension.

When stretching, be sure to not push yourself too far, too fast. By adding duration to your stretch it allows time for the muscle you are stretching to relax, and that in turn will allow you to go deeper into the stretch. So be patient and enjoy!

  • admin - November 1, 2014