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Challenge 6 – Tricep Dips & Sit to Down Cues

By admin in Challenges on February 1, 2015 - No Comments

Having firm triceps always makes a person’s arms look great! Keeping your triceps strong will help keep a shapely arm so get to it with Challenge 6’s tricep dips while practicing the sit to down cue with your dog!
Challenge 6 photoLike all of our challenges, adjust it to fit your fitness level and your pooch’s obedience skills. Start easy and work your way up. In this video to demonstrate Challenge 6 I choose to do individual cues with each dog instead of both at the same time every 10 dips. Moving forward i could decide to do more dips before putting my dogs into a down, or i may choose to incorporate down to sit cue as well. Do what best fits your needs!

Challenge 6 photoWhen doing the tricep dips keep your hands and feet flat on the floor throughout the movement. Bend your elbows until your butt just touches the floor then straighten your arms which will raise your butt up to start position. Some things to avoid are locking your elbows when straightening your arms, bending your head forward over your chest and doing pelvic tilts instead of raising and lowering your body to the floor as a single unit.

So take a minute out of your day and get those shapely triceps you have always wanted and improve your pooches obedience at the same time!!

  • admin - February 1, 2015