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Challenge 10 – 100 Lunges!

By admin in Challenges on June 1, 2015 - No Comments

Everyone wants shapely legs and buttocks and lunges are one of the best exercises to get them – plus there is no equipment required so you can do them anywhere, anytime! But of course we need to incorporate reinforcement of obedience cues with our pooches, so while you do your lunges be sure to work on cues your pooch can do while you do your lunges.Lunge challenge
Good form, as shown in the photo, includes keeping your front knee over your ankle and never past your toes when you lunge; shoulders should be back, head up and looking forward.

To start, find your baseline — how many lunges can you perform in good form repeatedly with no break? Remember this is not a race, and form is the most important thing to get results, not speed! To ensure no confusion in counting your lunges, completing one lunge with each leg is equal to 1 lunge not 2! Don’t forget to put your pooch into a sit, down, or whatever cue you wish to practice and because lunges can also challenge your balance, make sure your pooch is a safe distance from you if you are feeling wobbly!

Once you know your baseline, your goal should be to increase that number each and every day until you are able to do 100 lunges consecutively without stopping! If you are new to lunges feel free to set your own goal – maybe 25 or 50 instead of 100 – whatever will make for an achievable goal over the month!

Have fun!

  • admin - June 1, 2015

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