Class Descriptions

Pooch Partners’ classes do not require any specific level of fitness from you or your pooch – you workout at the level you and your pooch partner are able to do. Remember that just like humans, dog need to start off easy and gradually increase their physical activity over time – so be patient! If you are participating with a young dog, keep in mind that they are still growing so make sure you don’t overdo it with youngster! Some days you may not feel like exercising, and some days your pooch may not feel like it, but together you can motivate each other to get outside and you will both feel great afterwards!

When you register for your package you select the weekly classes you plan to attend for the duration of the package – there are a variety of classes offered in Vernon (see calendar on the right side of the page) to get you and your pooch partner on the road to a healthier, happier and more relaxed life!

Tail Wagging Start Up

You and your pooch will love this early morning workout!  Starting with some dynamic stretching,  then some light to moderate paced cardio with easy calisthenics interspersed, this class finishes off with a cooldown and stretching. This is sure to become your’s and your pooch’s favourite way to start the day!

Nose to Toes to Tail

A full body workout! After a short warm-up for you and your pooch partner, intervals of cardio and exercises will enhance your’s and your pooch’s overall well being!  Your dog is your partner and an active participant in most of the cardiovascular components, with dog obedience incorporated in the exercise portions of the class to mentally challenge your 4 legged companion.

Snowshoe outings may replace endurance walks in winter months.
Pooches Gotta Move

Boost the numbers of calories you and your pooch burn with this cardio workout!  A short warmup is followed by drills and exercises to challenge you and your pooch to achieve greater efficiency when walking or running. A great way to tire out your 4 legged companion!

Tongue Panting Endurance Walk

Join us for one of these early Saturday morning walks! Early risers can join us for up to a 2 hour walk or choose to join up at spots along the route – it’s completely up to you!  For those that prefer to sleep in, or you and/or your pooch are not quite ready for a 2 hour session, join us for a 1 hour walk! Either session is a great endurance workout at a moderate walking pace to help you and your pooch burn those calories! Note that in the winter months the walk may be reduced in time and/or substituted with snowshoe outings.

Beginner’s Weight Pull Program

Resistance training for your dog! “Train the mind and the body will follow” – that’s the motto of weight pull trainers and that is what this beginner’s weight pull program is designed to do. This 6 week program is designed to progress safely with your dog in this activity. Courtesy of Flatlands Kennels - The first few weeks are focused on cardio training, followed by light dragging and a week of heavy dragging exercises for your pooch. Pull harnesses are provided. Space is limited to 4 medium sized dogs (40-70 pounds) and 1 small dog (yes, even a Chihuahua can do this sport!). Please note that this activity is definitely more work for your pooch than the handler, but both you and your dog will benefit from the strong bond that develops and is an essential part of success in this sport!

Please note that we will offer a package which includes weekly weight pull session(s) for those that complete the Beginner’s program and wish to maintain the level of fitness their dog has achieved, but do not want to pursue the competition program.

If group sessions aren’t for you and your pooch, no problem! Pooch Partners’ private sessions are available at a lower cost than what you’d pay for personal training in a gym with the added benefit that you are getting your pooch exercised, re-enforcing obedience and strengthening that special bond with your dog all at the same time! During a 1 hour session our certified personal trainer will work with just you and your pooch partner on a personalized program designed to help you and your pooch meet your goals!