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Pooch Partners appreciates all of our clients and as a “Thank you”, as well as encouragement to continue working out with your pooch in our sessions, we have created our Customer Appreciation Program!
Here’s how it works:

Complete any Pooch Partners’ fitness package or Barking Bootcamp and you are entitled to the “Returning Client” discount on any future fitness package you sign up for! Whether you take a break and come back a few months later, makes no difference – you will still receive the discount.

But if you take no breaks and consecutively register for Pooch Partners’ fitness sessions for a period of one year or more, then we want to give you a very special recognition as a “Long Term Client” – a 25% discount on every subsequent, consecutive program taken! Or you can choose to save even more by purchasing an annual registration of you existing fitness program with an additional 10% discount given off the “Long Term Client” rate!

We appreciate all of our clients and want to recognize their efforts and encourage them to continue to keep working out with the best training partners ever – their pooches!

See the savings here!