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What should I wear to class?

Depending on which class you are attending and the season, attire will vary. Generally speaking though, you should wear clothing that is breathable and wickable regardless of the season. As well, depending on the time and season, reflective clothing or straps should be worn on both you and your pooch. In winter months, snow shoes may be required and YAK TRACS are also recommended for icy conditions.

What do I need to bring to class?

Typically all you need to bring is you, your pooch partner and some water. However, depending on the class you are attending, your fitness level and your personal goals, you may want to bring your resistance band, a set of hand weights, a mat, a towel and water – check the class descriptions for more details or ask the instructor. Don’t forget your pooch is relying on you to bring their training collar, leash, towel or mat, poop & scoop bag(s) and water!

What does my dog need for class?

Your dog needs a training collar, leash and water. No haltis, harnesses, or choke collars are permitted. The only exception will be if you are attending a session that utilizes special equipment such as a pulling harness. Depending on the breed of your dog, the weather and the session being attended your pooch may need a doggie jacket, boots, and a mat/towel. You will also be required to clean up after your pooch so be sure to bring at least one bag.

How old do I have to be to participate?

Participants must be at least 16 years of age. Anyone under the age of 18 will require their parent/legal guardian to sign off on the waiver and release.

How old does my dog have to be to participate?

Pooches must be at least 4 months old to participate. As dogs are in a growth period until the age of 2 it is important that the owner/handler of young (as well as senior) dogs pay close attention to them during class to ensure the exercise is appropriate for their pooch partner.

Besides cardio, what other dog exercises are there?

Besides cardio, which will physically tire your pooch, the mental challenges involved with the obediance commands will also tire them mentally. For larger breeds you can also add some resistance training by utilizing a doggie back pack — let them carry their own water! Resistance training for your pooch is also available in the Weight Pull session! Don’t forget that instead of being left behind at home while you are at the gym, your dog will be happy and content to watch you, their pack leader, while he/she practices obeying!

My dog is aggressive – can he come to class?

Your dog’s aggressiveness will be assessed during the mandatory obedience assessment and depending on the outcome, a determination will be made at that time.

Can I bring my kids with me to class?

Unless authorized by the Pooch Partners’ trainer, no children are permitted at sessions. Only the registered participant and their pooch can attend class. If your child is over the age of 16 and you have purchased the “Additional Person” option then they can attend with you. In future we will be offering a family class, so stay tuned!

How big are the classes?

It is impossible to give a definitive answer as participants can join each week and select which classes they plan to attend each week. It is anticipated that a typical class size will be between 5-10 pooch partners.

Do I have to be at a certain fitness level to join?

Absolutely not! Every participant (including your pooch) must complete the PAR-Q and the Pooch PAR-Q and will undergo a fitness assessment in their first session. You work at the pace appropriate for your individual fitness level and your pooch’s capabilities.

Are results guaranteed?

No, we cannot guarantee that you or your pooch will reach the goals you set during your assessment. Although our trainers will motiviate and encourage you to put your best effort in during classs, we have no way of monitoring what you do outside of class that may be undermining your workouts, therefore we can not guarantee results since it is dependent on your capabilities and committment.

Can I share my package with someone else?

No, only the handler and pooch that are registered when the package is purchased can use the package and as per Pooch Partners’ Terms & Conditions packages are non-transferable.

Are classes cancelled if the weather is bad?

Classes are all outdoors so are weather dependent to some extent. Classes will proceed in light to moderate rain and snowfall, after all your pooch still needs to get his/her exercise! Cancellations by Pooch Partners will be posted on the website “Cancellations” blog at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled session. Clients are responsible for checking the website for cancellations prior to attending scheduled sessions.

If a class is cancelled, is a makeup class added to the schedule?

As the schedule offers numerous classes per week there will not be any new classes added. Participants would select another class in the same week as a makeup class or forfeit the missed session. More details are provided in Pooch Partners’ Terms & Conditions when you go through the purchasing process.

The class schedule doesn’t work for me — are there any other class times?

There are no other class times available at this time. If you have a minimum of 4 other pooch partner clients that will commit to attending a new time, please email us and we will do our best to accomodate your request.

What if I have a dog I would like to put in classes, but with a friend or family member instead of me?

If you are unable to participate in classes, but you have someone that can attend classes with your dog instead of you, you must identify that individual as the handler during registration when you purchase your package. Note that you, the handler and your pooch will all have to attend the obedience and fitness assessment.

What if I have a dog I would like to put in classes, but with a number of different people instead of me?

If you are unable to participate in classes, buy you have someone that can attend classes with your dog instead of you, you must identify that individual as the handler during registration when you purchase your package. If there is more than one person that may attend in your place, you must pay for “Additional Person” option at the time of registering for your package. The owner, dog, identified handler and any additional people will all have to attend the mandatory obedience and fitness assessment together when scheduled.

Can I have a friend or family member attend sessions with me and my dog?

If you have a family member or friend that wants to attend sessions with you and your dog, you must purchase the “Additional Person” option at the time of purchasing your package. The friend or family member CANNOT bring another dog with them and must attend the mandatory fitness and obedience assessment at the scheduled time together with you and your dog.

Can I bring more than one dog to class?

Consideration will be given for a participant to have a maximum of 2 dogs based upon their ability to handle their pooches effectively. If at any time it becomes apparent that they are not able to control both dogs, only one will be permitted to attend sessions at a time.

What if I don’t have a dog but want to sign up?

If you don’t have a pooch of your own and can’t borrow a friend’s dog, please email us and we’ll try to find a pooch looking for a handler. Remember that you will have to attend the obedience assessment along with the pooch and their owner!

Are refunds available?

As per Pooch Partners’ Terms & Conditions, which are available during the purchasing process, full refunds for any packages purchased are only issued if a written request is received from the purchaser by Pooch Partners at least 24 hours prior to attendance of the first session, the mandatory fitness and obedience assessment. Pooch Partners may, at their sole discretion, issue a partial refund to the purchaser, if after attending the mandatory fitness and obedience assessment, Pooch Partners deems the dog unsuitable for participation or the client wishes to withdraw from the package program. In this case, the purchaser will be refunded the purchase amount less $60, the cost of the fitness and obedience assessment. No other refunds are permitted.

Why should I pay to come to a class, when I can walk my dog for free?

When most people walk their dogs, they do not walk at a pace fast enough to achieve cardiovascular fitness, nor do they walk long enough to burn a substantial number of calories needed to lose weight or develop endurance. As well, their walks tend to have numerous stops as owners let their pooch be the pack-leader, thus resulting in lots of sniffing and pee breaks. It is uncommon to see someone with their dog doing an organized non-stop workout that incorporates strength, stretching, cardio and dog obedience. Pooch Partners’ classes provide a continuous workout with a certified trainer to motivate you and your pooch to get the most you can out of the class!

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