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Pooch Partners offers 1 hr introductory weight pulling sessions year round! Weight pulling is a great resistance training program for your pooch whether done just for fitness or you plan to train your dog for competition. Done with proper training and equipment, weight pulling is a safe and effective exercise for your dog, and Pooch Partners provides both the experienced instruction and the necessary equipment for the introductory session so why not come out and give it a try – your pooch will love it!! When you see what a great experience it is for your dog, Pooch Partners retails harnesses and offers complete programs or punch cards so you and your pooch can continue to attend our drop-in sessions!
We also offer weight pull harnesses for an additional rental fee at our sessions for humans to pull along side their pooch! This is a great way to truly understand and appreciate how hard your dog is working, plus it is a great exercise for you too!

Cost: $30 (includes all required equipment for your pooch)  
Contact us to schedule your session!

Drop-in Sessions
As of Sept 15, 2015 our evening drop-in weight pulling sessions will begin for the fall! Watch our Facebook page for dates and times which will be posted every weekend for the upcoming week. You must have completed an intro to weight pulling session before eligible to participate in drop-in sessions.

Our new fee structure requires drop-in participants to purchase a 5 visit punch card (expires 3 months from date of purchase) at their first session with cost dependent on what you bring as follows:

Single visit drop-in will be available but at higher cost as follows:

For Pooch Partners clients with a fit pass, drop-in is no charge if you have harness, chain & own weights. 5 visit card for use of weights $10; 5 visit card for use of all equipment $50.

Each week the day and time of that week’s session will be posted on Pooch Partners’ FaceBook page and participants must confirm by the time indicated. A minimum of 2 participants must confirm to guarantee the session, although Pooch Partners’ may hold a session, at their discretion, with less. Once confirmed, any no-shows on the day of the drop-in will be charged as a visit.