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Welcome to Pooch Partners!

By admin in News on August 2, 2011 - No Comments

No time to take the dog for a good walk because you have to get yourself to the gym? So your pooch sits at home – not enough exercise, bored – and then you wonder why he/she chew your shoes, jumps the fence, and over time, gains weight that ultimately can lead to other health problems including early death!
At Pooch Partners we know how busy everyone is and sometimes folks take for granted that their canine companion will be fine if they miss their walks a couple of days, or only get run around the block quickly…that simply is not the case. Why not get a good workout for you AND your dog at the same time….that’s what Pooch Partners is all about.

Check out our site to see what we are all about and watch for our Packages next week so you can register for our classes!

  • admin - August 2, 2011

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