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Class Cancellations

By admin in News on August 2, 2011 - No Comments

Typically Pooch Partners will only cancel a session if there is bad weather or not enough participants have signed up (minimum is 2). As per Pooch Partners’ Terms & Conditions, if a session is cancelled due to less than 2 participants being scheduled, we will contact the affected individual Sunday evening via email. For any other cancellations we will post notices in this blog at least 2 hours before a scheduled class. Pooch Partners’ clients are responsible for checking this blog for any cancelled sessions.

If a client needs to cancel:

  • a scheduled morning session they must phone Pooch Partners before 9 pm the night prior to the scheduled morning session.
  • a scheduled afternoon or evening session, they must phone Pooch Partners before noon on the day of the scheduled session.

Failure to provide the required cancellation notice will result in the client’s session being counted as used and it will not be re-schedulable or refundable.

  • admin - August 2, 2011

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