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Our bodies are our temple and we only get one, so we need to take good care of it! Same applies to your pooch — and they are completely reliant on you to ensure their body is kept in good shape!

figureOur private sessions for personal training are a great deal, and when you incorporate your pooch’s fitness plan and perhaps some obedience, there is no one else to go to for this type of service except Pooch Partners! Pooch Partners’ private sessions are available at a comparable cost of what you’d pay for a personal training in a gym with the added benefit that you are getting your pooch exercised, reinforcing obedience and strengthening that special bond with your dog all at the same time!

Certified and experienced as both a personal training specialist & professional dog trainer, our private session rates cannot be beat! Don’t have a dog and just need our personal training services? No problem, same rates apply! Having competed in a variety of sports, completed numerous marathons, won the 2005 BC Figure Masters Championship, competed in the World TriFitness competition (and finished first place in age category), you can rest assured that the program created for you will be personalized to meet your goals AND your lifestyle!

Regardless of your current fitness level, we can help you improve, you just have to take that first step and contact us! Check out our rates and purchase your private sessions now!!