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What does my dog need for class?

Your dog needs a training collar, leash and water. No haltis, harnesses, or choke collars are permitted. The only exception will be if you are attending a session that utilizes special equipment such as a pulling harness. Depending on the breed of your dog, the weather and the session being attended your pooch may need a doggie jacket, boots, and a mat/towel. You will also be required to clean up after your pooch so be sure to bring at least one bag.

Does my dog have to know dog obedience to be part of the class?

Yes, basic dog obedience is required. The initial obedience assessment will determine if your dog responds to the basic commends needed in the class. If you think your dog is too excitable or not trained well enough, that is all the more reason to sign up! Physical and mental challenges your dog will encounter during the classes can help your pooch become more relaxed, attentive and easier to handle.

Does my dog have to be leashed during the class?

Yes, all dogs must be on a physical leash (no retractables please!) for the duration of the class. Even if you utilize an electronic collar, your dog must still be on a physical leash under your control.

How old does my dog have to be to participate?

Pooches must be at least 4 months old to participate. As dogs are in a growth period until the age of 2 it is important that the owner/handler of young (as well as senior) dogs pay close attention to them during class to ensure the exercise is appropriate for their pooch partner.

Besides cardio, what other dog exercises are there?

Besides cardio, which will physically tire your pooch, the mental challenges involved with the obediance commands will also tire them mentally. For larger breeds you can also add some resistance training by utilizing a doggie back pack — let them carry their own water! Resistance training for your pooch is also available in the Weight Pull session! Don’t forget that instead of being left behind at home while you are at the gym, your dog will be happy and content to watch you, their pack leader, while he/she practices obeying!

My dog is aggressive – can he come to class?

Your dog’s aggressiveness will be assessed during the mandatory obedience assessment and depending on the outcome, a determination will be made at that time.

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