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dogs1If you have never heard of or tried clicker training with your pooch, you don’t know what you are missing! Different from traditional training techniques, clicker training is all about helping your dog learn desired behaviours through positive reinforcement. In addition to be very effective, it is just a ton of fun to watch your dog think and reach conclusions on their own!
Clicker training is all about empowering your pooch to make the right decisions and ultimately demonstrate desired behaviours as an alternative to the ones that may be driving your crazy.
obedienceLearning should be fun for both canine and human participants and our goal is to make sure it is! We keep our obedience sessions short (30-45 minutes) because more can be learned in short training sessions than longer sessions where both the human’s and canine’s interest can be easily lost. We also keep our class sizes small (1-4 participants) so that everyone gets the attention and assistance they need.
In addition to our small group training sessions, we offer our Fundamentals and Continuing Education privately, and also have hourly rates for those that just need help with a particular issue.obed1

Non-refundable, non-transferable pre-payment is required via eTransfer or PayPal for all obedience services.


Pre-requisite: None
Get off to a great start with our Fundamentals package for your pooch! Along with introducing the clicker to set the stage for ‘Continuing Education’ program, during this 5 consecutive week package your pooch will learn how to focus, target, sit, lay down, loose leash walk and come when called! Plus we can provide guidance on how to resolve common issues such as house training, jumping, barking and nipping through positive training techniques!
Pre-requisite: Completion of the Fundamentals or prior clicker training experience
Upon completion of the Fundamentals your pooch will have conquered the everyday commands including recalls, sit, down and loose leash walking so now it’s time to continue your pooch’s education! Crate training, room restrictions or whatever else you can think of! Clicker training makes learning fun for you and your pooch!

Our regularly scheduled small group training requires a minimum of 2 and has a maximum of 4 participants. Group sessions must be attended as scheduled – use it or lose it policy applies. Can’t make our scheduled classes? Don’t worry as we offer private training sessions too! Like us on Facebook to stay up to date on upcoming classes and other Pooch Partners events and services! Contact us to register now!

PRIVATE TRAINING – $225 (our site) or $275 (in your home)
For those that prefer 1-on-1 training of our obedience packages we offer options for private sessions at our site or in your home. 5 week program must be completed with 6 week period – this allows for 1 session to be rescheduled if necessary. Use it or lose it policy applies. Please note an additional mileage charge may apply for in-home sessions. Contact us to book your sessions now!

HOURLY RATE – $75 (our site)
Just need help dealing with a particular problem? We offer hourly rate of $75. Half hour sessions are available for $40. Please note an additional mileage charge may apply for in-home sessions. Contact us to book your sessions now!