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Annual Complete Fit Pack


Our Annual Complete Fit Pack gives you and your pooch access to fitness classes, intro to weight pulling, agility and canicross plus drop-ins afterwards, hiking, snowshoeing, and more for an entire year! Plus you get 10% off any other purchases (excluding events) from Pooch Partners. Save when you pay with a single payment or choose to make 4 quarterly payments.

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Want to enjoy Pooch Partners’ regularly scheduled year round activities with your pooch for less than $2 a day? You can when you select our Annual Complete Fit Pack! In addition to our fitness sessions, pack walks, hiking and snowshoeing activities, our Annual Complete Fit Pack also includes our intro sessions to weight pulling (equipment provided), agility for fun & fitness (spring-fall) and canicross (must purchase or rent equipment from Pooch Partners) plus all drop-in sessions once Intros have been completed (equipment available for purchase or rental at additional cost). Our Annual Complete Fit Pack members can also take advantage of a 10% discount off any purchases (excluding events).  Dog assessment will be done at first session and resolution of any identified issues must be completed.

Self-registration for the Pooch Partners’ Portal is required in order to access and complete required form(s) and material relevant to your purchase prior to your participation.  Once your order is processed your portal access request will be approved and you will be notified via email. Please check your Junk folder as some SPAM filters may put the email there. If you are purchasing this item as a gift please identify the recipient in the checkout process and ensure the recipient is aware of this requirement prior to their attendance at any Pooch Partners’ activities or events.

Terms & Conditions

Purchase is non-refundable and non-transferable. Packs are valid for the specified period of time purchased and commence on date of checkout. Use it or lose it applies. Clients must submit the Pooch Partners Waiver & Consent prior to attending first session. Packs do not include registration into any Pooch Partners' events or the cost equipment or training aids. Additional fee for second person to participate with you and your dog(s) is available for our Annual Complete Fit Pack. Fitness and dog behaviour assessment will be completed at the first session. Only the assessed person and dog(s) may take part in Pooch Partners' activities. Any dog obedience sessions required for dog behavioural issue(s) are at an additional cost. Any identified issues must be resolved prior to participating in activities. Sessions may be cancelled by Pooch Partners for any reason with notice being posted on Pooch Partners' Facebook page at least 2 hours prior to scheduled start time. Clients are responsible for checking the Facebook page for any notices. All sessions will start on time and it is the responsibility of the client to arrive at least 5 minutes prior to scheduled start time. All dogs must be on a physical leash 4-6 feet in length (no retractable leashes) for the entirety of a session unless otherwise authorized by the Pooch Partners’ trainer. Failure to comply may result in forfeiture of membership. No electronic, choke or prong collars permitted. Clients are expected to clean up after their dog at all sessions and bring bags to do so. Clients are responsible for ensuring both they and their dog(s) are physically and mentally capable of participating at each session and for notifying the session trainer of any concerns. Clients are responsible for the care and control of their dog during all sessions and must retain physical control of their leashed dog at all times. Unless authorized by Pooch Partners’ prior to a session, no children are permitted. If authorized, clients agree to comply with Pooch Partners' instructions and accepts full responsibility for their child’s safety and complete liability. No female dogs in heat are permitted to attend any sessions. Clients are responsible for reading, understanding and abiding by these Terms & Conditions. These terms and conditions may change over time and it is the responsibility of the client to review them periodically.