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Intro to Nose Work – Private in-home Training


Your dog's nose is one of their greatest assets, and with nose work they get to be in charge and lead you to the hidden scent! Nose Work can be done by virtually every dog and is a ton of fun, yet challenges your dog so helps to fatigue them thus making it a fabulous indoor activity for the cool winter months! Your in-home private nose work training includes two 1 hour sessions in your home and a simple nose work kit complete with wintergreen scent to get your started.  Mileage up to 20 km return trip is included, however any distance traveled beyond that will be subject to a mileage fee.

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Dogs have an incredible sense of smell and nose work is a great way to let them use it and have fun at the same time!  Plus they get to be in charge and you will learn to read your dog’s response when they find the scent (aka their ‘alert’ to you).  Our introduction to nose work private in-home training will be conducted over two 1 hour sessions held in your home at a date and time convenient for you. All that is needed is a quiet space with no interruptions or distractions (i.e. no other people or pets can be present).

Training sessions will be aimed at teaching your dog to recognize, find and stay at the scent regardless of the distractions in the area.   A strong drive to find the odour, and an equally strong desire to commit to it once found is important, particularly if you choose to continue on to compete.

As with all Pooch Partners’ training, we will use all positive training methods to shape the desired behaviour, using food as a reward, NOT the scent they are searching for. You dog will quickly learn that finding the scent and staying at it no matter what the distractions is what gains them the reward.  This is the goal of our first session, after which you will have a week to practice and reinforce the behaviour.  At the second session we will work to have your dog able to search multiple containers and find the hidden scent, and from there you can decide whether you want to continue to pursue additional training, competition or just do simple searches at home as a fun game for you and your dog.

Cost includes a simple scent kit to get you started in the sport. Please note that mileage fee will apply for travel beyond 20 km return trip.

Terms & Conditions

Purchase is non-refundable and non-transferable . Sessions must be completed within one month of purchase date. Clients must complete the Pooch Partners Waiver & Consent prior to the first session. All dogs must be on a flat collar or harness and physical leash 4-6 feet in length (no retractable leashes) for the entirety of a session unless otherwise authorized by the Pooch Partners’ trainer. Clients are responsible for ensuring both they and their dog(s) are physically and mentally capable of participating at each session and for notifying the session trainer of any concerns. Clients are responsible for the care and control of their dog during all sessions and must retain physical control of their leashed dog at all times. Unless authorized by Pooch Partners’ prior to a session, only the registered participant and their dog are permitted to attend. If authorized, registered participant agree to comply with Pooch Partners’ instructions and accepts full responsibility for their safety and complete liability. Clients are responsible for reading, understanding and abiding by these Terms & Conditions. These terms and conditions may change over time and it is the responsibility of the client to review them periodically.