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Private Obedience Training


Your dog may have obedience down pat, but now you need help to deal with a new undesired behaviour that they are exhibiting, or maybe you just prefer to have private individual specialized training to help you and your pooch learn and bond.  Whatever your reason, Pooch Partners’ private dog training sessions are available to help in these situations.

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Need help with a specific problem with your pooch or maybe you just prefer to have private training to get the most of your sessions with your pooch. Whatever your reason, Pooch Partners offers hourly private sessions to assist you with any specific issues you want to work on with your dog. Single or multi-session packages, as well as in-home private sessions are also available. Note that depending on your location additional mileage fee may apply. 

Self-registration for the Pooch Partners’ Portal is required in order to access and complete required form(s) and material relevant to your purchase prior to your participation.  Once your order is processed your portal access request will be approved and you will be notified via email. Please check your Junk folder as some SPAM filters may put the email there. If you are purchasing this item as a gift please identify the recipient in the checkout process and ensure the recipient is aware of this requirement prior to their attendance at any Pooch Partners’ activities or events.