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Rally Obedience (RallyO) is a fun dog obedience activity that goes beyond basic obedience and challenges both dog and handler’s ability to work as a team as they maneouver through a course in a fast paced continuous manner completing all of the course elements in a set time limit.

Pooch Partners initial RallyO session will focus on achieving novice class requirements to complete a course of 20-22 exercise stations and up to 5 stationary stations within a 3-4 minute time period.

rallyo course Initially the course will be short and comprised of familiar obedience cues including heel, sit, down, stays and pace changes. Each session the course will have added stations to improve you and your dog’s performance level and confidence, build upon existing skills, keep you and your dog thinking (thus avoid boredom) and having fun!

Clicker training techniques will be employed and for those participants with no experience with clicker training an additional 15-20 minute introductory session will be required to be completed immediately before the start of the first session at an additional cost!

Come challenge yourself and your pooch in a partnership that will improve teamwork, heeling and overall obedience, while having fun! Contact us for details on our next session!