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The CCGC Test takes place in a public setting with appropriate distractions. A vaccination certificate, licence, a grooming tool, a plastic bag and a leash with a buckle collar, body harness or martingale collar are required for this test. A dog straining on its lead or touching anyone with teeth or feet is unacceptable and, therefore, a failure.

Test Number 1 – Accepting a friendly stranger:
Owner shakes hands with a friendly stranger. This test displays a dog’s acceptance of unfamiliar adults and children.

Test Number 2 – Patiently sitting for petting:
A test for shyness and defence of personal space.

Test Number 3 – Appearance and grooming:
Reveals owner’s care and sense of responsibility for their dog.

Test Number 4 – Out for a walk:
Illustrates handler’s control of his or her dog.

Test Number 5 – Walking through a crowd:
Demonstrates that the dog moves around in a crowd without being unduly distressed and is under handler control.

Test Number 6 – Response to commands “sit”, “down”, “stay” and “come”:
This exercise exhibits that the dog is trained and responds well to its handler/owner.

Test Number 7 – Praise/Interaction:
Shows the dog’s relationship with its owner and that the dog can be calmed down easily.

Test Number 8 – Reaction to passing dogs:
Demonstrates that the dog behaves politely around other dogs.

Test Number 9 – Distractions:
Illustrates that the dog is confident when faced with common distractions.

Test Number 10 – Supervised isolation:
Reveals that the dog can be left with someone other than its usual handler and will maintain its training and good manners.

As taken from the RDOC website