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Phone: 250.308.5457

Help make your Pooch Partners’ experience a pleasant one by following these simple session etiquettes:

  1. Arrive 5-10 minutes before session start time – routes used by trainers will vary so if you are late you likely will be unable to find them.

  3. Be your dog’s pack leader at all times! Your dog does not decide when and where they will stop to sniff, mark, etc. – you do!

  5. When walking or running, keep your dog on your left side with his/her shoulders by your leg. Do not let your dog lag behind or lead the way – remember YOU are the pack leader!

  7. Follow the rules of the road – walk or run facing traffic as far to the left side as you can. This, along with item #2 above, will keep you between traffic and your pooch.

  9. If another dog handler is approaching you, try to stay as far to the left as you can. This will indicate to them to pass on your side and not your dog’s side which will help mitigate the risk of any unwelcomed behaviour.

  11. When passing another dog handler during sessions, pass on the right hand side. This will ensure that their dog isn’t surprized and we will maintain a person between dogs to mitigate the risk of any unwanted behaviour.

  13. When instructed to give your dog an obedience command, give it once. If the command is not followed, correct your dog. Do not repeat the command, do not yell and do not be excessive in your correction.

  15. If an unleashed dog is encountered during sessions, remain calm and follow the instructor’s direction. Typically if you keep moving and maintain a calm and non-threatening demenour, you and your dog will have no problems.

  17. Always clean up after your dog.

  19. HAVE FUN! No matter what is happening, enjoy the time spent with your pooch! All too often we don’t appreciate what we have in our lives – be sure to appreciate your dog and the time spent training with him/her!