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Thank you for compleing the pooch PAR-Q! This will help determine if your dog is physically able to participate in the Pooch Partners’ activities.
If you answered YES to any of the questions:

It is recommended that you speak to your veterinarian before increasing your dog’s daily physical activity. Email Pooch Partners for a copy of the questionnaire if you would like to take it to your veterinarian. There may be no problems with increasing your dog’s exercise regime, however your vet may suggest some physical activities to be avoided or done only at low intensity for short time periods.

 If you answered NO honestly to all of the questions:

  • Your dog can take part in the Pooch Partners’ fitness assessment which will help determine his/her current fitness level
  • You can be reasonably sure that your dog’s physical activity level can be increased safely if done slowly and increased gradually at Pooch Partners’ classes.

Consider delaying your dog’s exercise regime if:

PLEASE NOTE: This physical activity clearance is valid for a maximum of 12 months from the date it is completed and becomes invalid if your dog’s condition changes such that you answer YES to any of the questions. If your dog’s health changes, tell your fitness professional as it may be necessary to adjust your dog’s exercise plan.

Now, just a few final questions related to your pooch’s history.

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